Commedia Gillet is Mask and Commedia Centrum's official Theatre company in Stockholm, Sweden.

We work with Masks, Puppets, Jesters and Commedia in our productions in searching for a visual theatre language that will make you laugh and wonder.

Commedia Gillet stands for a non represented theatre form and for a richer culture.


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A clown performance about bullying and best friends

for children between 6 and 12 years old.

Welcome to a home consisting of nothing more than an umbrella with tea bags and enjoy a story of alienation, bullying, but most of all about friendship.

The hermit living in his own world with only one company in the form of his musical neighbor in a box next to it. His life is turned upside down when he receives an unexpected visit from his energetic cousin and a hungry dog.

After the show, we have a discussion between us, the children and teachers about just bullying and friendship.

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Clown & Co!

An original and entertaining clown performance that offers a lot of humor.

See the flea Anton on air ride, meet the clowns Algost, Archibald, Birre and Odojon. Meet the world's strongest man, and listen to a rather different piano concerto.

A performance for children as well as adults.

Commedia Gillet estimated clowns have performed apart from in Sweden, in Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Switzerland and England.

We can also mingle with your guests and entertain them.

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Burkina Faso

Commedia Gillet has been 3 weeks in Burkina Faso in February 2013 and worked with a mask Performance together with African actors and musicians.

The play is called "Thor's Hammer" and was written and directed by Augusto Cabrera based on a Nordic saga, so it was a Nordic saga with African dance and music.

The show was a success.

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Don Quijote

"In a village of La Mancha, whose name I do not want to remember, lived not so long ago

a poor noble of the type having a lance and an ancient shield on the wall. "

So begins the story of Don Alonso Quijano who in his imagination, go out into the world

as a knight-errant in search of adventure.

Commedia Gillet presents

an interpretation of the story of Don Quixote de La Mancha with puppets.

Starring: Augusto Cabrera, Morgan Tolsén and Jonas Blixt.

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The Seed (Fröet)

A clown performance for the whole family ¨

(Performed without words)


Meet Epinard and his friends Artichoke and Chofleur when they beground the life of plants.

Everything starts when Artichoke finds a seed.

Follow this naive clowns in their trip of discovery in everyday life with music by Chofleur.

On stage: Augusto Cabrera, Jonas Blixt and Morgan Tolsén
Direction: Augusto Cabrera.

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(Performed in English or Swedish)

Three clowns tell the story of Hamlet using puppets

And masks

Shakespeare would turn in his grave, laughing.

On stage: Augusto Cabrera, Jonas Blixt and Morgan Tolsén
Direction: Augusto Cabrera.

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Past performances


A play with puppets about loneliness and friendship, for children over 7 years old.

Only in Swedish at the moment


"The Horrible Dragon"

A family puppet play with big muppets that can be played outdoors or indoors and in Swedish or English.

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A puppet Theatre performance for adults on the life of special people.




"När bonden skulle dö"("When the farmer was to die") summer 96.

Played in Stockholm, Mariefred, Örebro, Visby and Burs.

Participants: Krister Lindgren, Patrik Freij, Peder Hellbacher, Göran Lund, Simon Stålspets, Nora Roll and Jonas Bengtsson.

Scenario and Direction: Augusto Cabrera.



"Ludo Buffo" summer 97.

Played in Stockholm, Skokloster, Mariefred, Sölvesborg, Örebro, Kalmar, Karlstad, Visby, Burs and Glimmingehus.

Participants: Karin Toll, Elin Hejll, Oskar Hejll, Anders Kjellstrand, Wille Christiani, Peder Hellbacher, Johan Norbelie, Anneli Johansson and Stefan Kayat.

Direction: Augusto Cabrera.



"Gorm" summer 98.

Played in Stockholm, Skokloster, Örebro, Kalmar, Sölvesborg, Visby, Burs, Glimmingehus and Ekerö.

Participants: Magnus Jonsson, John Larsson, Nils Eliasson, Peder Hellbacher, Augusto Cabrera and Stefan Kayat.

Scenario and Direction: Augusto Cabrera.



"Ecce Homulus" winter 99.

Played in Stockholm.

Participants: Magnus Jonsson, Peder Hellbacher, John Larsson and Augusto Cabrera.

Scenario and Direction: Augusto Cabrera.



"Drakdräparen Drip dräper Draken Drop" ("The Dragon killer Drip kills the Dragon Drop") summer 99.

Played in Stockholm, Skokloster, Sölvesborg, Hudiksval, Örebro, Visby, Burs and Glimmingehus.

Participants: Susanne Saikof, Helena Carlsson, Magnus Kjellvard and Augusto Cabrera.

Scenario and Direction: Augusto Cabrera.



"Madam Leonors Varieté", December 1999.

Played in Stockholm under Gamla Stans Millennium events.

Participants: Krister Lindgren, Patrik Freij, Johan Norbelie, Peder Hellbacher,

Anita Ekblom, Kerstin Öberg, Anna Dahlkvist and Augusto Cabrera.

Direccion: Augusto Cabrera.


"Smeden och Döden" ("The smith and Death")

summer 2000.

Played in Stockholm, Sölvesborg, Glimmingehus, Hudiksvall, Arvika and Falun.


Susanne Saikof, Helena Carlsson, Magnus Kjellvard, Peder Hellbacher and Augusto Cabrera.

Costumes design and scenografi: Cecilia Karlsson. Costumes : Natalia Stern.

Masks: Gustav Ahrén.

Scenario and direccion: Augusto Cabrera.


"Antonius och Djävulen"

("Anthony and the Devil")

summer 2001.

Played in Stockholm, Sölvesborg, Hudiksvall, Nämförsen, Visby and Glimmingehus.

Participants: Eva Johansson, Peder Hellbacher, Gustav Birger, Morgan Tolsén och Augusto Cabrera.

Text and direccion: Augusto Cabrera.

Puppets: Augusto Cabrera och Helena Andersson.

Clothes: Natasha Stern.

"Nikolaus Dream"

Summer 2002.

Played in Stockholm, Sölvesborg, Glimmingehus, Hudiksvall and Lödöse.


Magnus Kjellvard, Frida Sundström, Masaki Mochisuki, Gustav Birger, Morgan Tolsén.

Costumes : Theres Björk.

Scenario, masks and direccion: Augusto Cabrera.


A comical mask performance in the Commedia dell´Arte style about a magician that can give people their lost youth. Who dares to try? Maybe is not what you expect. Is youth the most precious thing?

Played Summer 2003.

Participants: Elinor Johnsson, Magnus Kjellvard, Robert Eriksson, Morgan Tolsén, Peder Hellbacher and Augusto Cabrera.

Manus: Augusto Cabrera and Max Hebert.

Music: Morgan Tolsén

Clothes: Anna Holmén

Direction: Augusto Cabrera.

Technical information

"I Grigori"

(the fallen Angels)

They are ugly!

They are different!

They speak their own language!

They are a group of grotesque Bouffons looking for the ideal beauty and the perfect human. Who decides what is "right"? A comic Bouffon performance with grotesque characters that make you laugh and worry, with music, and surprises…

Played Summer 2004


Sandra Vilppala/Elinor Johnsson, Magnus Kjellvärd, Morgan Tolsén, Robert Eriksson, Peder Hellbacher and Augusto Cabrera.

Manus: Ensemble

Direction: Augusto Cabrera.



Summer 2005

Commedia Gillet celebrated its 10 years anniversary with the performance "Pesten" ("The Plague"). A comical, medieval, outdoors play for all ages about the big plague, with masks and jesters.

Participants: Robert Eriksson, Zack Segelström and Augusto Cabrera.

Manus, masks and direction: Augusto Cabrera.

Played in: Sweden, England, Switzerland and Lituania.


The Goguli´s

summer 2006

The Gogulis is a family of medieval touring actors making a living on performing on streets and squares. The only problem is that they can't keep their private life out from the stage.


Elinor Johnsson, Linda Johnsson, Rickard Hagedorn, Morgan Tolsén, Robert Eriksson

Direction: Augusto Cabrera.

Klick för video at: /videoplay?docid=-4588124449635320526


"Thor**********s Saga"

"Thors Saga"

Summer 2007

A group of viking clowns are going to perform a play about when Thor lost his Hammer. The problem is that they cannot keep their private opinions from the stage.


Elinor Johnsson, Morgan Tolsén, Robert Eriksson, Augusto Cabrera.