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Commediagillet is Mask and Commedia Centre’s official theatre group based in Sweden. In our performances we work with mask, clown and puppet theatre to treat various social problems such as bullying, exclusion, racism and the environment in an entertaining and fun way. We perform in preschools, schools, parks and all other places where we can reach an audience.


Other work

We want to focus on refugee children. Children are children, whether they are refugees or Swedes, and we have the same obligation to take care of them. Many of these refugees have been in a terrible situation during their flight from war in their countries of origin, we want to give them the opportunity to forget about these problems for a while with our games and performances.

Our idea is to work with the kids through mingling, games and simple acrobatic exercises. We perform without words so that everyone can understand and the instructions for the games and exercises are easy to take even for those who do not speak Swedish.

Everyone in the group has worked with children in different contexts and we have been on behalf of Clowns without Borders in the refuges homes when we performed and mingled with the children who lived there.

We have also entertained cancer sick children and their family at Ronald MacDonald's house in Uppsala.




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