Mask och Commedia Centrum / Commedia Gillet.


we can arrange courses in the following subjects:



A course that is about not only techniques in Juggling but also to be able to present your number in an entertaining way. We mix beginners with those who are little more advanced and develop your techniques from what you can.

Comic acrobatics

To use acrobatics on stage on a comic way in stile with Buster Keaton, Charles Chaplin, etc. The course is about Slapstick techniques and trouble with objects, pair acrobatics and acrobatic on mat. Non previous knowledge required but you should be able to participate in physic training.


To be able to give and take impulses on stage and react on unexpected situations. To acknowledge and build a scenic action. This course is build on Keith Johnstones Impro techniques.

Clown techniques

To find your own clown. To build a clown figure with yourself as a point of departure. To be able to change the most embarrassing own experience into a comic action. The public laughs at the clown because they recognise him in the little exposed person.


Are very grotesque characters with exaggerated looks. They work always in groups and question all that people takes for granted. If we compare them with clowns we can say that the public laughs at the clown but the Bouffon laughs at the public.

Street theatre techniques

To play theatre in the street presents a lot other demands than to play in a close room, you must draw the publics attention and hold their interest in spite of the traffic and other disturbing moments. We go throw techniques to be able to achieve this. Which quality must the play and the actor have to succeed outside.

Comic characters

To be able to create a comic character with different starting points and develop it by putting the character in different situations. In this course we use improvisation, physic gestalt, characters analyse, etc.


People has always been fascinated by storytelling. In this course we go throw not only articulation and the use of voice but also about how to, with help of different objects or your own body, illustrate a story and make it more interesting for an audience.


We go throw different masks: from the neutral mask, that develops body awareness, throw different characters masks, where you learn to find the masks body and movement, to the half mask where you find the masks voice.

Mask construction

A course about planning and drawing a mask that works on stage and about different materials and techniques to construct masks for the stage. The materials we use are papier marché, cloth and glue and leather and we go throw different techniques as positive and negative form, plaster moulds, leather forming, etc.

Puppet theatre

A course about material and techniques to construct different types of puppets and learn to play with them. We go throw marionettes, hand puppets, row puppets, bunraku, etc. and how you can construct a stage for each type of puppet.


Other possible courses:

Acting, Voice and song for the Theatre, Commedia dell´arte, etc.

Commedia Gillet

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